Hoping to build a better world through art of film and television.

Telling stories together with joy.

Once complimented that her works are like gelato, Soorim Lee is a film & television writer/director and photographer based in NYC and LA. Focused in producing, writing, and directing, her works have been recognized or awarded by major festivals including the Austin Film Festival, IMDB Independent Shorts, and the College Television Academy Awards. Lover of collaboration and storytelling, she has created narrative shorts and documentaries as well as live television shows and music videos. Although she explores various genres, her most recent works have focused on telling heartfelt coming-of-age stories, gently mixing the balance of comedy and drama, of comfort meeting adventures.
Her film and media studies professors at Columbia University may know her better for her fascinating papers with creative titles, her sociology professors probably know her for incorporating the arts into discussions, her former bosses likely remember her for saying random comments that made them laugh, and her friends were puzzled when she teared up watching the “Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2” docuseries. It’s all a part of the creative process—yes, including trying to hide tears during movies—and she looks forward to what is ahead while cherishing the now.

Telling stories together with joy.

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