Two years ago, I worked on two films in the summer. One was my short film, “Life Beginning with Endings,” which premiered at The Frida Cinema in January 2020. The other one was “Human Resources,” an action packed and spooky  horror feature with a comedic edge that my dear friend Kendall Huff was producing and working on with many of our friends (directed by the determined & talented Braden Swope)—it was most of our very first feature film endeavor.

Due to schedule conflicts, I wasn’t able to work on their set full time, but the few days I was there for was full of fun and passion for filmmaking along with love & support for one another.

On August 14th, 2020, @humanresourcesmovie premiered at… you guessed it, The Frida Cinema. And the love, the passion, and joy was all still there if not at an increased level.

So proud of the cast and crew. Feeling inspired by my friends as always. And grateful that they invited me to be a part of the creative journey. Congratulations to the team who never gave up. Here’s to all the adventures ahead of us, together!

Photos by @silviajazminmiranda @jaxxschavez
ps) masks were taken off briefly for the photos.

(on the red carpet with 1st AC, Christine Mouton)

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