Officially graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Film & Media Studies and Sociology…
Incredibly grateful for my family, friends, professors, and mentors.
And humbled to have received these honors… They may have my name on it, but they all belong to those who were a part of this journey.

The Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts 2021
awarded for a coming-of-age feature screenplay titled, “Sewol Is” (세월이란).
logline: When her granddaughter, Teddy, suddenly passes away at a young age, Haneul follows a mixtape of clues with Teddy’s best friend back to Korea.

Leadership & Excellence Awards: Community Building
nominated by peers and selected by a committee
“Soorim dedicated her time to sharing her talent and knowledge by organizing and teaching film workshops, managing and collaborating on sets, and welcoming new people to the film community.”

Phi Beta Kappa
Honor society. Top 10% of graduating class selected based on academic performance and faculty recommendations).

Feature on Columbia Spectator
featured by Columbia Spectator, interviewed by Bella Druckman about my time at Columbia as a filmmaker.

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