“SLAM!” a good vibes scripted podcast premiered on Spotify on Valentine’s Day.
The small idea of making a radio drama that I pitched to my friend and brilliant writer, Cassandra, back in August became a show that features work of 30+ people around the country. Being the show’s showrunner and director has been one of the most exciting and challenging creative endeavors I have been on and it is largely thanks to the amazing cast and crew. Some of them, I have yet to still meet in person because every part of production was done virtually.

From recording sessions with people calling in from different time zones to staying up late into the night to finish an episode on time, this team was full of laughs even through the hardships. And yes, there were hardships… technical difficulties, constant revisions made both in the writer’s and editor’s rooms while most of the cast and crew were navigating being a full time student during a pandemic… We learned as we went, together.

Personally, the process of making this show has made me feel loved and joyful. It also inspired me to continue to work towards my dream of being a showrunner on a TV show… directing feature films, too. This cast and crew kept the creative spark alive and helped build a new community of artists. I hope that those listening to the show will have fun following the lives of these characters and feel less alone, remembering those who are supporting them and those who will reach out a helping hand when they least expect it.

The show aired its finale in March, featuring our own original soundtrack titled, “Home is Now” and a heartfelt ending. 8 months. Who knows, maybe this is not the end. We just might return with season 2 one day.

More about the cast and crew as well as all the episodes along with beautiful character art by Natalie Sandmann is available on the show’s website.

We surpassed 1000 streams! Whether you were the actor who had one line in the crowd or you are a listener just about to check out this show for the first time… thank you. As they say in Danish, Tusind Tak—a thousand thanks.

All that time spent in a Zoom room together… I wish I took more screenshots, but here is one from our very last recording session.

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