Earlier in 2020, Axl Avenido released a new single titled, “Glide”… a song that makes you want to sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and take a moment to process what’s on your mind… I wanted to make another music video with this talented singer songwriter. So, with a buddy of mine, Keefer, we started drafting up ideas for this new project. Through a lot of hours brainstorming via text and Discord calls, Keefer and I decided on an idea and pitched it to Axl. Lucky for us, he loved it.

As the project was created collaboratively when we were apart, we wanted to make something that reflected that… how Axl’s song made both of us feel connected even when we were apart while also capturing the warmth and dreaminess of the song. So, practicing COVID precautions, main part of the project with Axl and Xochi (choreographer/dancer) was filmed with bare minimum crew and budget ($0): me and just our DP, Christine. Keefer then filmed with Madeline as the actress in the UK.

Post production process was long and at times very tedious, especially when we involved a colorist who was based back at his home in India. It wasn’t always easy—what production ever is? However, I loved working with Keefer to produce this across multiple time zones and countries. He was so patient throughout the whole process and I’m proud of the work he and I along with our cast and crew have achieved in middle of unprecedented times.

We hope that people will enjoy the music video and feel like they just received a warm hug to brighten their day.

“Glide” (official MV) can be watched HERE.

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